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Our Mission

ex•i•gent - (ek-sə-jənt), adj. - Requiring immediate attention and effort.Exigent Engineering will operate at the highest tier of service possible through clear & timely client communication and by producing distinctive, robust & quality work products.

What makes EESRF different?

Exigent Engineering, Scientific Research & Forensics was conceptualized in 2004 in Gainesville, Florida. In the time since, through extensive communication with clients and other professionals regarding client needs and expectations, we have built a technology centered company with adherence to classic engineering principles to provide our clients with the highest quality work product possible.Michael F. Bosworth, P.E. brought his natural talent and education to define and ultimately form Exigent Engineering. Located in Tampa, Florida, Exigent Engineering offers Engineering Services across the State and Forensic Services nationwide.

Crash investigation & Reconstruction


Exigent Engineering possesses substantial education and experience, involving virtually any type of crash combination of on-road and off-road incidents, through the investigation of hundreds of crashes. Our engineers come from Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Bio-Mechanical backgrounds giving them the collective technical background to investigate complex crashes, including single vehicle and multi-vehicle crashes involving commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians, from the comprehensive view of varied engineering disciplines.

Construction Plan/Specifications Compliance


Exigent Engineering provides non-forensic inspection services for all residential and all non-threshold construction projects including the inspection of projects during construction to assure that each construction process complies to the project plans and specifications and that the project and project activities adhere to OSHA, NIOSH & ADA Compliance

Storm Damage Assessment Services


Exigent Engineering evaluates damaged structures to determine the extent of damage and the cause relating to storm damage which typically includes wind damage, water damage, hail damage and airborne debris damage. Our staff have evaluated cases from hail damage to one of the largest multi-million dollar, multi-state, masonry failure evaluations in the country.


Our Unique Capabilities and Services

Construction/Industrial Equipment Failure

We provide inspection and material testing services for masonry and wood frame structures including the following:

Failed fuel containment system during remediation activities

  • As built structure inspection, measuring and drawing
  • Destructive and non-destructive concrete testing
  • CMU inspection including mortar and grout
  • Metal reinforcing inspection, locating and mapping
  • Veneer and tie inspection
  • Foundations and surface inspection and testing
  • Differential settling evaluation
  • Fireproofing inspection
  • IBC, OSHA, ADA and regional code compliance
  • Shingle inspection
  • Fastener tightness
  • Most construction related issues

Work Zone Crash Investigation & Reconstruction and M.O.T Analysis

With engineers with backgrounds in Traffic and Civil Engineering including experience with Traffic Systems, Work-Zone Design, Work-Zone MOT & MUTCD Compliance and Crash Forensics, Exigent Engineering is shaping a specialization toward crashes occurring within work-zones. Past analyses of incidents within work-zones include the following:

  • Situation Specific M.O.T. Compliance Review
  • MUTCD Compliance Analysis
  • Roadway Construction Plan and Spec. Compliance
  • MOT Phase Compliance Analysis
  • Inspection of MOT including striping and RPMs
  • Inspection of Signing and Compliance
  • Inspection of Channeling Devices (Walls, Barrels, Cones)
  • CEI MOT inspection compliance
  • MOT factors in crash analysis
  • Structural and Friction Road Surface Inspection
  • Clear-Zone inspection and Compliance
  • Lighting Inspection and Compliance
  • Ingress and Egress Inspection and Compliance
  • Inspection of Work-Zone Work Activities
  • Inspection and Compliance of Impact Attenuators
  • Positive Guidance Analysis
  • Inspection of Frangible and Non-Frangible Roadside Objects
  • Commercial Equipment Obstructions
  • Work-Zone Speed Analysis
  • Line of Sight issues in Work-Zones

Mechanical Failure

Exigent Engineering’s Engineers provide forensic analysis of a wide variety of mechanical systems such as fork-lift and skid-steer loader equipment, and unusual systems such as a mechanical aircraft hangar door to leaking appliances, failed door hardware, chairs, welds, failed connectors and even water sports equipment failure.

Failed joystick controller for a warehouse mechanical fork-lift

  • Commercial Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Household Appliances
  • Temporary Structures
  • Small Machines and Devices
  • Furniture Failure
  • Unusual Mechanical Systems

Construction/Industrial Accidents

Construction Process and Safety Forensics

Failed southern-pine receiving platform model

  • Construction accidents
  • Compliance to construction safety standards
  • OSHA compliance
  • Safety equipment analysis
  • Falls
  • Equipment failures
  • Edge treatment analysis
  • Housekeeping
  • Public protection system inspection and analysis

Building Inspection/Materials Testing

Non-Threshold Building Inspection Services

Reinforcing scanners and thermal imaging uncover an ungrouted CMU core.

  • Project plan and specification compliance inspections
  • All masonry and masonry reinforcing inspection
  • Steel reinforcing inspection including rebar, mesh and horizontal joint reinforcing
  • Structural steel bolt tightness inspection
  • CMU core and cleanouts inspection
  • CMU joint inspection
  • Using Structure Scan GPR and Ferro-scanners to determine steel reinforcing placement
  • Grout placement oversight
  • Form inspection
  • Header, footer, subgrade foundation, lintel and cap inspection.
  • Fireproofing inspection
  • Vapor barrier inspection
  • Expansion joint and key joint inspection
  • Masonry materials slump testing
  • Masonry prisms and cylinder preparation
  • Masonry veneer tie inspection
  • Wooden structural component inspection
  • Sheathing and nail type and pattern inspection
  • Masonry efflorescence inspection and characterization
  • Reinforcing scanners and thermal imaging uncover an ungrouted CMU core.

Existing Structures Inspection Services

HD thermal imaging reveals the internal core grout placement in a masonry stair tower using high powered chillers to induce heat transfer through the wall.

  • As built inspection, component cataloging, measuring and drawings generation
  • Non-destructive concrete hardness testing using a rebound hammer
  • Semi-destructive concrete hardness testing using a Windsor Probe
  • Destructive concrete hardness testing using core extraction and lab testing
  • Concrete aggregate classification
  • Steel location and characterization in all concrete components including foundations using ferroscanner or structure scan GPR
  • Post-tension cable location
  • Grout inspection
  • Fireproofing inspection
  • Differential settling evaluation
  • Floor flatness testing
  • Grout placement and consolidation in CMU walls using thermal imaging technology
  • HD thermal imaging reveals the internal core grout placement in a masonry stair tower using high powered chillers
    to induce heat transfer through the wall
  • Sidewalk and pathway inspection
  • IBC and ADA code compliance

Exigent Engineering Staff

Michael F. Bosworth B.S.M.E, M.S.C.E, P.E.

Industry Expert

Michael F. Bosworth B.S.M.E, M.S.C.E, P.E. is a founding member of Exigent Engineering Scientific Research and Forensics. He is a “hybrid” Professional Engineer with training and experience in the fields of Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Mechanical Design, Forensic Engineering and Civil Engineering with a focus in Construction. He is a member in good standing with the Chi Epsilon Engineering Honor Society for exceptional academic achievement and a selected member of the Order of the Engineer. Over the last 12 years he has worked on hundreds of forensic cases some of which are nationally recognized or unprecedented. Michael is considered to be exceedingly talented, detail-oriented and dedicated to the forensics profession by his peers.

He has provided case support and management for both civil litigation and criminal proceedings. His work included commercial & passenger vehicle crash investigation and reconstruction, work-zone accident investigation & reconstruction, MOT compliance analysis, forensic animations, construction project to plan compliance, as-built and construction building inspection, building construction deficiency testing, construction materials testing, construction accidents, product and premises liability, and storm damage inspection.

Mr. Bosworth was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest before coming to Florida in 1990. He sets up professional fireworks displays as a certified shooter through the Pyrotechnics Guild International Incorporated and volunteers his time and resources supporting children’s athletics.

John Lloyd, PhD, CPE, CBIS

Consumer Specialist

John Lloyd, PhD, CPE, CBIS specializes in Biomechanics of Head and Brain Injury, which may be the result of various incidents including Slips & Falls, Motorcycle Accidents, Human Factors, Concussion, Sports Helmets / Motorcycle Helmets, Pediatric Brain Injury / Shaken Baby Syndrome. John holds a Ph.D. in Ergonomics from Loughborough University in England, where he specialized in biomechanics. He has practiced in the field of biomechanics for over twenty years, and is board certified (CPE # 725) through the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics. John also holds a certificate in cognitive rehabilitation as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS). His opinions involve identifying and explaining the physical relationships of the identified injuries to the type of loading (trauma) that give rise to such injuries. This is in fact the science of biomechanics.

To date, John has provided trial and deposition testimony on more than 50 occasions, pertaining to civil and criminal cases in the States of Florida, Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Great Britain and have been recognized as an expert in biomechanics in every case. His work has been published in four book chapters and 24 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, and presented at more than 60 national and international conferences. John is presently employed by both Exigent Engineering as our senior biomechanical expert, as well as at James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, FL, where he holds the position of Director of the Traumatic Brain Injury Laboratory. Additionally, John holds a courtesy faculty appointment as Research Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering, at the University of South Florida.

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